Pulling off the bald look – in your 20s

Okay, so starting off the first post on how to rock the Mr. CLEAN look. Most of you will not be at this stage, I am well aware. However, this is a great place to start for all audiences. If you’ve already pulled the trigger and gone full out bald, I commend you. After years of toiling through insecurities, this option is So. Much. Easier than fighting nature.

However, this post will also be incredibly helpful for those of you who are sticking it out for the long run . I am well aware that shaving your head is the absolute worst case scenario. You would rather submerge your arm in hot lava than embrace the razor life. It’s cool, I get it. But I want you to be aware of all this in the chance you ever want to try it out. Know that the worst-case scenario really isn’t that bad if you just apply a few simple steps daily for the next few months.

With that out of the way, let me tell you the 4 things you need to pull off the bald look.

  1. Low body fat percentage

The first thing I noticed after I shaved my head was how much fat I was rocking in my face. Until you lose it, you don’t realize how important of a role your hair plays in keeping the symmetry and proportions right on your face. Your cheeks don’t look too puffy. Your (double) chin doesn’t seem like you’re storing a pack of Hyenas in there. Things looks relatively normal.

However, by shaving your hair, your face comes off a lot more round. Furthermore, the eyes no longer dart towards the top half of the face. The bloated double chin, the baby cheeks, and the overall structure of your face becomes FAR more apparent.

Now for most of us average-joe’s, this f***ing sucks. Initially, it is normal to be anxious about showing our face, wearing hats and caps in order to keep the illusion of symmetry. However, we can use this seemingly disastrous thing to our advantage. When you look at celebrities who rock the bald look well, you’ll notice most of them have a low body fat percentage.

Why? Because their jawline looks sharp enough to chop through your Sunday evening groceries.

                                Zinedine Zidane providing some jawline inspiration.

Zidane’s just one example of this. Look at The Rock, Bruce Willis, etc. and you’ll see they all have a relatively low body fat percentage. What do I mean by low? I’d say around 10% would be ideal, but honestly it doesn’t matter. Just measure your current body fat percentage and use that as a baseline. As long as you’re making weekly progress in decreasing your body fat percentage, eventually you’ll reach the magical number that makes you feel most attractive.

2. Adding muscle mass

Now, having a low body fat percentage is fantastic, but if you don’t have any muscle mass, you’re going to look sick — not in a good way. So in addition to the cardio and diet you’re putting in, you have to start resistance training. Now that I think about it, shaving my head was a HUGE catalyst for me to go to the gym. Mark my word, there is no better habit to motivate and instill discipline than waking up in the morning and not liking the reflection in the mirror.

The reason I didn’t like it was because I was the same exact person before and after I shaved my head — but holy sh*t do people look at you different. Now, I am sharing this because when I shaved my head I had a chubby face, minimal muscle mass, and decently high body fat. Was I fat? No. I was “skinny-fat.” But waking up every morning after shaving my head, something was obvious:

I was no longer insecure about my hairline. I was flaunting that sh*t to the world. What I didn’t like was the roundness/chubbiness of my face and how I looked unattractive due to being out of shape. 6 months later, and I can honestly tell you that I look like a badass. There are few things more attractive than having a clean dome, a lower body fat % so you can show off that jawline, and a nice broad chest and shoulder to make you look proportionate . I feel and look MILES better than when I was trying to hold onto my suffocating hair — constantly worried whether the hair was flaunting my receded hairline.

So trust me when I say this: It’s gonna be okay.

I take that back.

It’s gonna be okay IF you promise to get your diet and exercise regiments in order. The best way to do this? Do it in small intervals. Don’t go for 90 minute workouts and salads everyday. Figure out activities and foods you enjoy that are healthier than your current state and focus on those. Use this to build the discipline, do it consistently for 2 months and when you finally see the results creeping in, you’ll automatically be hooked. It’s an indescribable feeling to see your hard work come to fruition after only a number of weeks. Enjoy the journey, my friends.. it’s going to make you a much stronger version of yourself.

3. Tanning 

Now, this is more of a bonus tip. Rules 1 & 2 are really all you need to rock the clean dome, but if you really wanna make it go to the next level, get a little more tan. There’s often a saying that African Americans can rock the bald look very well (Kobe, Michael Jordan, LL Cool J, etc.). The reason is because their dark skin tone makes them looks much sexier. Even Dwayne Johnson with his tan sexy self. So as I mentioned before, it’s not a big deal, but tanning (safely) can really help proper your aesthetic look. Also keep in mind that all of the examples I mentioned just now already possess low body fat and higher muscle mass. Those are non-negotiable and must be prioritized over tanning – for obvious reasons.

If you made it through all this, I commend you. To reiterate my previous message, it’ll be okay. I understand how traumatic losing your hair can be and I want you to know that I will try to help you get through this. I’ve been there – I’ve spent countless hours looking up supplements, lurking on hairloss forms, parting my hair a certain way to cover my hairline before a party. Just hang in there, buddy – we’ll be alright 🙂

I’m holding myself accountable to post AT LEAST 2x a week. I’ll try to address whatever questions I had during the hair-loss process, as well as any lifestyle tips y’all may need. I’m here for you so if you have a particular topic or question, you want me to write about, just holla atcho boy.

Talk soon.



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